Experience & Capabilities

* Brand Health Assessments
* 360° Communications Development, Evaluation and Tracking
* Segmentation & Positioning
* New Product Development
* Customer Experience Assessment, Development and Monitoring
* Optimizing Research & Insights Departments / Functions
* Synthesis, Integration & Distillation of Existing Data Sources


  • Articulate the core strategic question and all related key questions

  • Form hypothesis and develop project objectives

  • Develop action outcomes available to the business

  • Collect and assess existing knowledge

  • Develop design of strategic studies, brand equity, segmentation, habits and practices, new product development, customer engagement

  • Develop design of complex programs, customer experience monitoring systems, NPS, brand and advertising tracking, awareness and usage


  • Provide full project office support

  • Act as short term project management when existing resources are constrained / there are open positions

  • Manage vendor qualification, vetting, evaluation, and selection

  • Manage sampling and data collection

  • Manage budget

  • See our vendor management cycle


  • In depth and diagnostic

  • Framed by the core business question

  • Advance methods used


  • Clear

  • Concise

  • Complete

  • Reports delivered in your template and style